🎙️ Podcast: The Reel does rap.

Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water.

One week late and many, many errors later, The Reel’s new podcast Movies (And A Rap) just launched this morning.

In it, I run through the top news of the week, some quick movie and TV reviews, chat about what’s releasing on streaming, and finish by performing a 60 second rap.

You can play the first episode on the Spotify player below:

Or through the following links:

With Apple Podcasts to follow. 🤙

The news is now out of date due to having to delay by a week, but if nothing else listen for the comedically amateurish editing.

Please subscribe and share if you would like to, and follow @moviesandarap on Instagram or get in touch at moviesandarap@gmail.com with any feedback!

Yours in pod,



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